Internet Packages


#1 Speedy Surfer - Good
  • Why is the Speedy Surfer so popular? Here's why: for a very reasonable monthly cost you get the perfect plan for everyday basic surfing needs. Shopping online, banking online, research or homework.


#2 Super Surfer - Better
  • If more speed is what you desire, but keeping monthly cost in check is a priority, then our Super Surfer plan is probably what you need. This plan is what you need for any kind of streaming video, gaming, pictures, sending and/or receiving large emails or just about anything you do online.


#3 - Supreme Surfer - Best
  • Ok, If more speed is important to you... our supreme surfer plan is perfect for you. This is our most powerful residential plan and will have you doing anything you want on the Internet.

Up to 100mbps special plans may be available in your area.



Invisalink Commercial Plans 


Invisalink also offers Commercial Plans for small, medium, and large business needs. Our Commercial Plans can be designed to fit your needs and budget.

For more information concerning this service, please call our office
at 989-720-5465.

 *SPEEDY- up to 3mbps/down & 1mbps/up  |  SUPER-up to 15mbps/down & 6mbps/up  |  SUPREME-up to 30mbps/down & 12mbps/up