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High Speed Internet

Got High Speed Internet? We do!

High-Speed Wireless Internet makes doing things in a rural area possible: Amazon, E-Bay, FACEBOOK, YouTube, Netflix, E-Mail, etc. Invisalink offers several residential plans with speeds needed to suit your internet needs.  We have residential internet plans with up to 3mbps, up to 7mbps, up to 12mbps, up to 25mbps, up to 40mbps and higher download.  Plans depend on your location. Some plans are custom.  Commercial plans are also available in some locations.   Point to Point commercial connections up to 1.5 Gig, up and down available.

**Not all plans/speeds available at all locations, call for details.

Invisalink is always growing to meet the demand for high-speed Internet by expanding our network throughout our service area. We use a number of advanced technologies to make our services available for home or business.  This system works by connecting you to the Internet via a radio and antenna system.

THIS IS NOT SATELLITE. It is a ground-based system of towers transmitting the signal(radio frequency) to your home, then converting it to the feed your computer receives. The only wiring required is used to connect your computer to the wireless radio. All receiver equipment is installed outside the residence and/or business.

Invisalink uses quality equipment by: Ubiquiti, Mikrotik and SAF.

How It Works

... How fast is it?


Allisha – Happy Customer Review

“I’ve been with invisalink for almost 2 years now and have absolutely no complaints! If you have a question problem concern anything you call them and they call you back in a timely manner! The service is phenomenal and the price isn’t bad! For unlimited middle speed internet and the router it’s $72! They try their best to take care of their customer! They always go above and beyond for us!”