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Jeff Tebo
is the founder and company President of what is really two separate companies: Invisalink, Inc. and Invisalink Wireless Enterprises, LLC. Jeff started out in radio at the early age of 14, and that experience led to a number of accomplishments: Producer of a popular talk show, on-air Personality/Disc Jockey at several radio stations, and Program Director at a Contemporary Christian radio station. Jeff also ran a successful Disc Jockey business called JLT Productions for over 20 years, providing music for all occasions.

In 1996 he entered the rapidly expanding telecommunications field by working as a Field Technician for Volt Telecom. Jeff quickly advanced to a sales position with the same company and then was promoted to the position of National Account Manager. This role required Jeff to oversee an 8-state region, which required project planning and oversight. Jeff’s next move was to Tel-Aid Industries, where he also held the position of National Account Manager.

Jeff decided to venture out on his own next, and that is when Invisalink, Inc. was created. Invisalink is a communications service company that provides wireless, voice, video, data, cabling, and KSU/PBX services to small and medium sized businesses plus several CLEC’s. The company currently provides residential and business inside wiring, maintenance, POTS, DLS, and T-1 installs/turn-ups. Invisalink has also worked with national integrators who have service contracts for companies like Sears, Target, Wal–Mart, K-Mart, Rite-Aid, Best Buy, etc. Service work has included cabling, PBX programming and maintenance (several brands), sound/video reinforcement issues, POS scanners/registers, sound masking and computer repair.  ESI Certified on their Digital and VoIP Products., Invisalink was one of the first companies to install WiFi hot spots in hotels, coffee shops, etc.

Invisalink Wireless Enterprises, LLC.  is a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider). Invisalink Wireless Enterprises, LLC has built, and maintains a Wireless Network providing High Speed Wireless Broadband Internet access to greater Shiawassee County, Michigan. Jeff Tebo is a “hands on”  company President, spending a great deal of his time working in the field alongside Invisalink techs. Jeff takes great pride in building a company that has the highest ethical standards, going the extra distance to take care of the customer.

  • Invisalink Wireless, LLC is a Wireless Internet Service provider serving greater Shiawassee County, Michigan for over 20 years.
  • Invisalink, Inc. is also a one-stop destination for all of your phone, cable, data, sound system, and networking needs.
  • Invisalink can handle most any cabling job you may have, including computer networks, sound systems, wiring for new construction and video surveillance systems. We can also install and program an entire phone system for your small or medium sized business.
  • Invisalink is an independently owned and operated company with headquarters in Lennon, Michigan. Our Tel-Com service area spans the entire state of Michigan and Northern Ohio, including Cleveland and vicinity.  We can also handle work outside of our normal service area depending on the scope of the job.

Invisalink Management Team:

Jeff Tebo – President, Tech Support, Sales, Invisalink, Inc. & Invisalink Wireless, LLC
Perry Wright – Operations Director, Marketing, Sales, Invisalink, Inc. & Invisalink Wireless, LLC



Invisalink Support Team:
Lindsay – Customer Service Representative
Sydney – Customer Service Representative

Joshua – Lead Technician
Michael – Technician
Emerson – Technician


Amy – Accounting Department